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Faces of Distracted Driving

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Today another Faces of Distracted Driving video was posted by the US Dept of Transportation. The series highlights the tragic consequences of distracted driving by having family member tell of their loss. This video is different-it is the first that is not limited to cell phone use or texting , but focuses on ending many types of distracted driving. It is also the first not to be produced by the Dept of Transportation but by the family of someone lost to distracted driving. Casey Feldman was only 21 when she died. Casey’s father Joel Feldman produced the video and was uniquely qualified to do so. As a trial attorney in Philadelphia he has represented families of those killed in accidents for almost thirty years and used video presentations to tell his client’s stories of loss . He is also close to receiving his Master’s degree from Villanova University in counseling and is focusing on issues of grief and loss.

Casey’s family and friends have changed the way they drive as a result of Casey’s death. They hope that other family’s can change the way they drive without having to lose a child, spouse, sibling or parent first. They know that tragedy does not just happen to others but can happen to all of us.

Here is the link to the where you can view Casey Feldman’s video.