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Jackie Fedeli

Another Tragic Loss For The Pro Sports Community

Former NFL lineman, Alex Karras passed away yesterday at his home in Los Angeles. The former Detroit Lion and Actor was 77 years old.

In the 1960s, Karras was one of the most feared defensive…

Jackie Fedeli

The Wide World of Retired Sports Stars: Over 2,400 Lawsuits and Growing

The 93rd regular season of the National Football League kicks off in a little over a month. It will be interesting to see if the highly publicized death of Junior Seau, and 2,400 pending lawsuits…

Michael Monheit

Thousands of former NFL players bringing suit for concussion injuries

The number of retired football players suing their former employer, the NFL, has climbed over 2,400. Add in their spouses, families and other representatives, and the total number of plaintiffs…

Jackie Fedeli

Local Charity Seeks to Honor Brain Injury Advocate & Present Grant to Charity

Last Month, During Brain Injury Awareness Month, The Anapol Schwartz Foundation announced that it was seeking nominations for the Third Annual Anapol Advocate whichwill honor a brain injury…

Larry Coben

NFL Going MDL?

Last year, I filed the first federal concussion suits against the National Football League in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Since then, many other Law firms have followed suit, and together…

Michael Monheit

Retired Football Players Battle NFL

A storm is starting to brew in the courts over whether the NFL intentionally withheld information from players about the health risks of the game related to concussions and other traumatic brain…

Nathaniel Ehrlich

Have you read the warning on your football helmet?

Concussions are a hot topic in sports. During the course of a normal year, it has been shown that a high school football player will receive 700 – 1,000 blows to the head. Athletes who…

Nathaniel Ehrlich

If You Have An Athletic Program, You Need A Certified Athletic Trainer

Are you ready for fall sports work-outs, practices and games? The National Athletic Trainers’ Association recommends that each organization or institution that sponsors athletic activities or…

Nathaniel Ehrlich

Managing Liability for Athletic Trainers

It won’t be long before athletes report for fall sports practices. One of the most difficult problems facing athletic trainers and team physicians is the recognition and treatment of…

Michael Monheit

Cleft Palate Surgery – Insurance Coverage Basics

I know first hand what it is like to have to advocate on behalf of your child with special needs. It is a process filled with emotions of fear, guilt, anger, but love as well. I have a daughter with…