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James Ronca

Amtrak Derailment Highlights Aging Infrastructure

Former Amtrak CEO David Hughes criticized the quality of the company’s equipment one day after the deadly derailment of Amtrak train No. 188. “What Amtrak has is among the poorest that I’ve ever seen given the level of use they […]

James Ronca

Newly Mandated Controls would have prevented Amtrak Disaster

In 2008, Congress mandated that a new railroad safety feature be implemented on all systems by the end of 2015, according to NBC News. Unfortunately, the project is not expected to be completed on time and could not be installed […]

Larry Coben

Seat Belts, Buses and Trains: Together or Not?

By Larry E. Coben, Sol H. Weiss and James R. Ronca A few days ago, a Washington to New York Amtrak commuter train derailed and at least 6 people died and over a hundred were rushed to nearby hospitals. This calamity […]

Stephen Pokiniewski

Cruise Ship Doctors Liable for Medical Malpractice

Cruise lines and on-board doctors have been immune to medical malpractice lawsuits for decades.  However, the United States Appellate Court recently made it easier for passengers to hold the ship accountable for negligent medical treatment, according to the Huffington Post. […]

Christopher Marzzacco

Lawsuit filed against GPS makers for role in Bus Accident

Anapol Schwartz attorneys Jim Ronca and Michael Schafle filed a complaint against GPS manufacturers TomTom and Garmin for their role in 2013 Boston bus crash that injured 10 and left a teenage boy paralyzed. The complaint was filed on January […]

Michael Schafle

New School Year Brings New Concerns about Bus Crashes in Pennsylvania

This time of year can be hectic for parents as they settle their children into a new school year.  With a new school year comes a new set of safety concerns as well. For the parents of many school children, […]

James Ronca

Delaware Bus Accident still Under Investigation

Delaware State Police are investigating a mass transit tragedy. Two passengers were killed and 48 were injured in a bus accident yesterday that happened as the driver was attempting to exit the roadway onto U.S. Route 13 north from the […]

Allison Quering

One Dead, Dozens Injured after Pennsylvania Bus Accident

One woman is dead and four are in critical condition after a Greyhound commercial passenger bus crashed into the back of a tractor trailer on Interstate 80 in Union County, Pennsylvania at about 1:41 a.m on October 9.

Allison Quering

Injured Teen Still Recovering after Boston Bus Crash

High school sophomore Matthew Cruz hopes to walk again after a Boston bus crash in February broke his neck and left him paralyzed from the chest down. Although Cruz is working hard on his…

Allison Quering

Officials to Determine if Driver in Boston Bus Crash is to be Charged

Police have completed their investigation of the February Boston bus crash that involved a charter bus full of Philadelphia high school students. They will decide in the next two weeks…