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Syngenta Lawsuit Seeks to Recover Lost Corn Income

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lost corn incomeAmerican farmers who grew Syngenta corn with the Swiss company’s genetically modified seeds suffered huge economic losses after their crops were rejected by one of the country’s largest importer.

Syngenta told American farmers to “plant with confidence” the genetically modified organism (GMO) Agrisure Viptera, also known as the MIR162 seed.  China never approved the MIR162 seed and rejected more than 1.2 million tons of American corn.

China’s rejection of Syngenta corn caused the number of exports to drop and prices to plummet. This led to turmoil in the financial markets and left farmers with substantial economic losses.

The National Grain Association estimates lost corn income to be between one and 3 billion dollars.

Farmers who pride themselves on their crops trusted that Syngenta was providing them with a product that lived up to the standards of its importers.

Corn farmers impacted by Syngenta GMO corn may be eligible to file a Syngenta corn lawsuit to seek compensation for lost corn income.

1 Comment

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