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Topamax and Suicide – Is There a Link?

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Topamax is often used to treat important conditions such as epileptic seizures. Many doctors make the determination that the potential benefits of Topamax are greater than the potential Topamax side effects. FDA warnings included in the Topamax medication guide include many potential serious side effects – one of which is suicide.

The medication guide warns that Topamax, like other types of antiepileptic drugs, may cause suicidal thoughts or actions for some patients. The current estimate is that about 1 in 500 people will suffer from suicidal thoughts or actions as a result of taking Topamax.

Though the risk may be low when looked at statistically, the risk is not low for the people affected by suicidal thoughts or actions and those who love them. It is important to be aware of this risk if someone you love takes Topamax and to have a loved one talk to a doctor about any concerns or suicidal thoughts.