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Another Blow for Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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Another major below came to Takeda Pharmaceuticals on January 27th when a Judge ruled that Takeda acted in bad faith by
in destroying evidence that was crucial to the Actos Bladder Cancer lawsuits.

There are over 3,000 Actos lawsuits pending against the pharmaceutical giant alleging that it’s blockbuster Diabetes Drug, Actos, caused the plaintiffs to develop Bladder Cancer.

Some of the most important documents destroyed were communications between Takeda and Upjohn regarding Upjohn’s concerns over the safety of Actos. The communications reflect that Takeda asked Upjohn to amend the language on the safety concerns and put less weight on the safety of Actos.

Defense lawyers maintain that at the time the documents were destroyed, Takeda had no knowledge of the potential for Actos Bladder Cancer lawsuits. The pharmaceutical giant argues that it was unaware of these risks of Actos lawsuits until the summer of 2011, but the Judge believes that Takeda knew as early as the summer of 2002.

While this ruling is a major blow to Takeda Pharmaceuticals, it could be a small victory for the plaintiff’s in the war of Actos lawsuits.