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Doctors Continue to Evaluate the Long Term Use of Osteoporosis Drugs

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Last Month, the NY Times Posted an article summarizing two recent studies published on the long term effects of Osteoporosis drugs. After much debate about whether or not Osteoporosis drugs are effective in the long run, Both the FDA, and the New England Journal of Medicine decided to study the effects of bisphosphonates on patients who have been treating for less than five years, and those who have been treating for the long-term.

Almost 1,200 lawsuits have been filed against Merck by patient’s claiming that it’s popular Osteoporosis drug, Fosamax, caused them to sustain a femur fracture.

Fracture risks have been the main concern of many of the recent medical studies. Do women who take Fosamax for more than a three to five year period increase their risk of a fracture, instead of decreasing it?

As most experts will say, everyone’s body is different. Every woman’s body will react differently to Fosamax. However, experts are also saying that Fosamax should be used short term, or if needed to be used long term, take a break from Fosamax after five years. Fosamax stays in the body and continues to work for years after it is taken. Stopping for a short period of time, with your doctors consent, may be a good idea. Women who are younger, or those who suffer only from osteopenia may benefit from a long, break. Some of these women may actually be at a low risk for fracture and might not need to take Fosamax at all. At least not now. Women who are older with sever osteoporosis may benefit more from taking Fosamax.

If you’re considering Osteoporosis treatment, please talk to your doctor about your treatment options, treatment length, and any risk factors and side effects that you may be susceptible to incur.

For more information on the New England Journal of Medicine Study, please visit: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1202619?query=featured_home&

1 Comment

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  1. LeeAnn says:
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    If Fosamax stays in the body & continues to work for YEARS after it is taken, then what would be the point of taking a break!!????

    In fact, I took Fosamax for 2yrs,7mo and 6 YEARS later I still have muscle/burning pain that will wake me from sleep and be so painful it drives me from my bed. I had only been taking it for 2 weeks when I started having this symptom but my dr AND endocrinolgist encouraged me to continue taking it. I began to read more and more problems,complaints attributed to Fosamax so against the judgement of both my doctors I quit taking it – WITH NO RELIEF OF MY SYMPTOMS 6 YEARS LATER!! This drug has me FRIGHTENED!! and I wonder if it caused MORE damage to my bones (& who REALLY knows what else may be affected by my use of Fosamax!!)