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Fluconazole Causing Birth Defects, Craniofacial Differences Including Cleft Palate

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As it turns out, this is another drug that can cause cleft lip and palate!! It seems like every time I read the latest news from the FDA or NIH I find out that children are being harmed, even before they are born, by yet another drug side effect. It so saddens me, because much of this is preventable if we only had pharma companies doing better research, collecting better data, being more forthright with disclosing what they know — and making, dare I say, a little less money at children’s expense. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medline​plus/news/fullstory_114986.htm​l

Fluconazole (the generic name for Diflucan) is a medication prescribed for fungal infections. The medication is also used to treat meningitis. This medication is often prescribed during pregnancy. In the past week, the FDA issued a warning, changing the drug from a class C to class D pregnancy drug. In essence, this means this it is now KNOWN to cause birth defects.

Birth defects include:

  • A short, broad head
  • Abnormal looking face
  • Oral cleft (cleft palate)
  • Bowing of the thigh bones
  • Thin ribs and long bones
  • Muscle weakness and joint deformity
  • Congenital (present at birth) heart disease