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How Much Time Do I Have To File A NuvaRing Claim?

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Though Stephanie Millian and her physician know that NuvaRing was the primary cause of her blood clot, the Appellate Division of New Jersey Superior Court dismissed her case because she didn't file a timely claim within the statute of limitations. Millian filed two years and two weeks after her release from the hospital, which according to Virginia State Law is two weeks too late.

Millian is one of nearly 1,000 women who have filed complaints claiming that they suffered injuries after using the birth control NuvaRing. The contraceptive, which inserts into the vagina and releases low doses of hormones for three weeks, uses the active ingredient progestin. This hormone has been known to increase a woman’s risk of heart-related diseases. Since its release, research has shown that NuvaRing causes serious side effects such as blood clots, strokes and venous thrombosis. These complications can cause harm and even death.

Millian’s case is a clear illustration of why women should seek an attorney immediately when they have suffered injuries from NuvaRing.