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Mass Tort Lawyers Push for BioMet MDL

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One of the top sources for Litigation News, Harris Martin Publishing, recently announced in their Hip & Knee Implant Litigation Report that cases involving the metal on metal hip replacement device, Biomet, might soon get consolidated into an MDL. (Multi-District Litigation)

MDLs have pretty much become the norm for medical device and pharmaceutical drug litigation. While the plaintiffs are scattered throughout the county, the complaints are all against the same manufacturer/manufacturers and involve specific injuries.

In the case of Biomet, the plaintiff's are alleging that the metal on metal, ball and socket hip implant had a high early failure rate, requiring a revision surgery. One of the most notable symptoms of early failure rate is metal poisoning as a result of improper movement of the device.

The motion requesting the establishment of an MDL docket was recently filed by Biomet lawyers. In the motion, the lawyers requested that the MDL be established in New York or California.

MDLs have already been established for similar cases involving Johnson & Johnson's DePuy ASR Total Hip Replacement System, and Zimmer's NexGen Knee Replacement.