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No Va Ring: Is NuvaRing a No Go?

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When it first came out, something about Nuva Ring didn’t sit right with me. But to each his own. I’m sure there are a lot of products that I buy that other individuals think is odd. However, over 5.5 million women out there are using NuvaRing. This plastic, hormonal form or birth control is removed after three weeks, and replaced after the fourth week. To women who have a hard time remembering to take the pill every day, this was a great a option.

However, through a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, many women are now learning that this is a more dangerous options. Some women have already learned this the hard way.

A 10 year study on non-oral hormonal contraception conducted in Denmark revealed that women who use the birth control patch, and the birth control ring, such as NuvaRing were 7.9 and 6.5 times more likely to suffer from a venous thrombosis such as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or Pulmonary Embolism (P.E.) and similar blood clots.

While this study was published less than a month ago, the dangerous side effects of NuvaRing are not new to some women. Over 900 NuvaRing Lawsuits have been filed since 2008. Legal experts are expecting this number to increase as word of the study gets around. Hopefully Women who have not yet tried Nuva Ring because of various concerns will see this is a No Go, and So “No Va” to NuvaRing!