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Local Charity Seeks to Honor Brain Injury Advocate & Present Grant to Charity

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Last Month, During Brain Injury Awareness Month, The Anapol Schwartz Foundation announced that it was seeking nominations for the Third Annual Anapol Advocate whichwill honor a brain injury advocate.

This morning, the ASF announced via PR Web that five finalists have been chosen.

This years finalists are:

Nathaniel Mayer, MD – His research, development and vision assisted in the development of the Drucker Brain Injury Center at Moss Rehab

Symme Trachtenberg- After her daughter was in a car crash and suffered a TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury) Symme who was already working as the director of social work at the Children's Seashore House. (Now part of COP) dedicated her personal and professional life to improving the recovery and quality of life for children with TBI.

Rebecca Ichord, MD- Director of CHOP’s Pediatric Stroke Program, one of the first pediatric stroke programs of it's kind, and developed an outpatient multidisciplinary stroke clinic giving children and their families access to a stroke-oriented neurologist, along with therapists, social workers, education coordinators, and a neuropsychologist.

Monica Vaccaro- During her two decades of assisting the Brain Injury Community, Monica organized support services and advocacy for individuals living TBIs, and has been involved in studying psychological treatments that can help survivors develop productive activities and manage interpersonal problems.

Curry Durborow-A Physical Therapist who, four years ago began an annual tradition of organizing a 5k race to benefit the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania.

By logging onto http://anapolschwartzfoundation.org/2012-brain-injury-advocate-voting/ and voting for one of these individuals, you are not only giving an award to the individual, but will help make their favorite charity eligible receive a $5,000 grant. Just make sure to cast your vote before May 14th.