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PAJ Announces 2012 Officer Nominations

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On May 9th, the Pennsylvania Association for Justice Nominating Committee formally announced that Election for PAJ Officers will take place on June 28th at the PAJ Annual Meeting during the first day of their retreat in Hershey. Central PA Injury Board member, Thomas Anapol, has been nominated for Treasurer.

Other Nominees Include:

Vice President: Malcolm MacGregor
Secretary: Jason Matzus

AAJ Representatives (term)

State Delegate: Claudine Homolash (2 yr.)

Governor: Marc Weingarten (3 yr.)

Governor: Stewart Eisenberg (3 yr.)

Minority Caucus Delegate: Royce Smith (1 yr.)

LAWPAC Trustees (term)

Trustee: Frank Canty (4 yr.)

Trustee: Scott Cooper (2 yr.)

Trustee: Matt Crosby (3 yr.)

Trustee: Carmen Belefonte (3 yr.)

Trustee: Don Matusow (3 yr.)

For more information on the PAJ Retreat, please visit: http://www.pajustice.org/PA/docDownload/32920