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Brett Favre Admits to Suffering Side Effects from Concussions while Playing for the NFL

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Two months after the NFL concussion lawsuit (NFL) settlement brought on by retired football players, one of the game’s most infamous quarterbacks is confessing that he is starting to experience the long term effects of repeated head trauma.

Brett Favre, best known for the 15 years he spent as quarterback (QB) for the Green Bay Packers, retired from football in 2010 after spending a year with the Minnesota Vikings. 

Favre, nicknamed “The Gun Slinger” played in the NFL for 20 years.  The 44-year-old started 321 consecutive games (including playoffs) and scored 552 touchdown passes during his time with the League.  He played through multiple injuries to keep his record streak of starts.  Now that he is off the field, he is starting the feel the long-term effects of concussions he suffered while playing for the NFL.

In a recent interview with Sports Talk Radio 570, Favre confessed he is suffering from memory loss, which one of the common long-term symptoms of a concussion. He’s unable to recall precious memories about his daughter playing soccer when she was a child, as well as simple things such as where he put his glasses, even when they are on his head. “God only knows the toll,” said Favre.

Since Favre left the NFL three years ago, he has been spending his retirement coaching high school football. The St. Louis Rams recently expressed interest in bringing Favre in to replace injured QB Sam Bradford.  But as flattering as the offer may have been, Favre has no desire to return to the professional field.