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Birth Control Talk is a place for questions, stories, opinions and discussions. Let's get informed!” That is the tag line for Birth Control Talk, an online forum for women to openly discuss personal and social questions surrounding the use of, and results from, birth control medication available today. This forum has been gaining steady popularity, now with over 1,600 Users, and is an excellent resource for women who would like to connect and discuss their birth control experiences.

Many women face serious complications regarding their birth control, and this forum seeks to fill the much needed void of information and discussion available online regarding the use of such products. The forum allows for open communication between women of all ages to discuss the potential health risks of birth control, and the prevailing issues surrounding the use of, and regulation of, certain medications. Topics include such high profile discussions as the NuvaRing v. The Pill, the reporting of Mirena to the FDA (with over 3,000 unique reactions), and a judicial decision regarding the release of results surround in the Nuva Ring.

The site also allows for women to openly discussion social and familial issues surrounding their use of birth control is a safe, and supportive environment. Such as discussions surrounding the use of birth control and the response from partners surrounding birth control.

Users of this forum should be aware, however, that posts are only for informational purposes only, and are not intended to substitute for medical diagnosis, or formal examination. Although many medications have the same effects on the majority of users, this is not always the case. In conjunction with this, it is also important to note that users should not post personally identifiable information on the forums, and should refrain from utilizing the website if involved any current litigation.

As a woman you should feel absolutely comfortable discussing issues and raising awareness surrounding your use of birth control and any related medications, and this forum is a perfect place to start. As they state themselves “Birth Control Talk is a place to share news, opinions and stories in order to better educate ourselves. Let’s help each other out.”

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