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While recent reports are showing that men have begun filing testosterone lawsuits, the Public Citizen advocacy group is waging their own battle against the makers of testosterone drugs.

Denver’s CBS News affiliate recently reported on a man preparing to file a testosterone lawsuit after suffering a heart attack from Androgel. However, this man would not be the first or the last to file a testosterone lawsuit.

Men all across the country are filing similar lawsuits against testosterone drug manufacturers alleging injuries caused by testosterone drugs.

It’s no surprise that we are seeing an increase in testosterone lawsuits, especially after a recent study reported on a link between testosterone drugs and heart attacks and strokes.

Testosterone drugs, such as Androgel, Fortesta, and Axiron are prescribed to treat low testosterone (Low-T). The amount of men taking testosterone therapy drugs has more than tripled in the last 10 years, making the Low –T market a billion-dollar industry.

Millions of men are taking testosterone drugs to make them feel young and healthy. However, they were not aware of the dangerous side effects of testosterone drugs.

While a study published earlier this year brought to light the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes from testosterone drugs, this is not a new discovery. Studies have been conducted as far back as 2009 on the side effects of testosterone drugs. Even though the 2009 study reported similar findings, the drug manufactures took no action to warn the public of the potential risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke from testosterone.

Now that more studies are suggesting that testosterone drugs may cause cardiovascular injuries, the consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen, is calling for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue a Black Box warning about the increased risks of heart attacks and strokes on all testosterone drugs.

While the FDA has not yet issued a black box warning for Testosterone drugs, the agency is in the process of reviewing the safety and side effects of testosterone drugs.

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