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NuvaRing was once heralded as being a great advance in birth control options for women. Not anymore. There are now hundreds of lawsuits that have been brought against the makers of NuvaRing due to the high risk of cardiovascular complications associated with NuvaRing that can cause blood clotting, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism that can result in serious injury or even death. Studies have been mounting documenting the risks that NuvaRing poses to women who take it.

But the scientific studies and numbers only tell a part of the story. Behind the data and analyses are the women and families who have been impacted in very tangible ways because they were prescribed NuvaRing. Many of those women continue to suffer today—perhaps suffering a long-term disability or now having to take prescription medication everyday or submit themselves to long-term medical monitoring. Some of the most powerful information about the adverse effects of NuvaRing comes from the testimony of these women and the personal stories that they share. Take, for example, this young mother who shared her near-death experience through a YouTube video:

Unfortunately, this story is all too common for women using NuvaRing. Even young, otherwise healthy women are susceptible to the risks that NuvaRing poses. It can land you in the hospital battling serious, life threatening conditions and can lead to life-altering changes.

Birth control decisions are very personal decisions and what works for one woman isn’t necessarily the right choice for others. The important thing is that those decisions are made with full information about the potential risks and benefits of each option available. That is what was missing for hundreds of NuvaRing users—information about the risks.

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