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It is very likely that Testosterone lawyers may soon be filing testosterone lawsuits in a centralized Testosterone drug Multi-District-Litigation (MDL). Though, it is not yet clear, which drugs will be included.

Last month, Testosterone lawyers filed two separate motions regarding the creation of a testosterone MDL. One motion argued for centralization of all AndroGel lawsuits, which make up the majority of testosterone lawsuits, while the other motion called for the consolidation and coordination of all testosterone lawsuits, regardless of the testosterone drug used, into one centralized MDL.
If an MDL is established for all testosterone lawsuits, Testosterone lawyers would work together and all testosterone lawsuits would become part of the same coordinated and centralized litigation..

There are currently 14 brands of testosterone drugs on the market manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. Testosterone drugs as a whole are being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA launched an investigation into the side effects of testosterone drugs after a recent study suggested a link between testosterone drugs and heart attacks and strokes.
While most of the defendants favor one centralized MDL, Auxilium, the pharmaceutical company that markets Testim and Testopel believes it should be excluded from the MDL because Testim lawsuits and Testopel lawsuits make up a very small percentage of all testosterone lawsuits.

While Auxilium may not be facing as many lawsuits as Abbvie, the maker of market leader Androgel, Testim and Testopel are still subject to the FDA’s investigation and Auxilium still faces allegations of failure to warn of a potential increased risk of cardiovascular events, such as a heart attack or stroke, from taking testosterone.

One centralized MDL for all testosterone lawsuits would expedite the litigation process and ensure consistent rulings by the court for those that have been injured by testosterone drugs.

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