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Larry Coben
| Anapol Weiss

With a huge increase in motorcycle use to compensate for rising gas prices, the number of motorcycle accidents has sky rocketed. Most serious accidents are associated with poor conspicuity despite the fact that headlights remain it during operation of the vehicle. The reality is that passenger car motorists really don’t see motorcyclists–day or night! It is vital that all motorcycles be equipped with several headlights, white running lights and amber position lamps. This sort of lighting configuration brings extra attention to the cycle and helps other motorists to more aptly perceive distance, speed and time. The dilemma remains that most manufacturers are not taking this design issue seriously. Nevertheless, good design conspicuity is a clear essential safety factor for all cycles to be safe. A second essential safety feature is ABS brakes. Over the past 2 years more new cycles have been equipped with ABS as standard and/or optional equipment on larger models sold by several product lines. This safety feature enhances both steering control and (reduces) stopping distance under hard braking. The failure to provide this safety feature as standard equipment on all new motorcycles is reprehensible and causative to many accidents.

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