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James Ronca
| Anapol Weiss

A bus apparently hit the rear of a tractor trailer today on the New Jersey Turnpike causing injuries to two people serious enough to require life flights to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

Photo’s of the scene show the bus crashed into the trailer of the truck.

The impact was so great the trailer penetrated into the bus from the front all the way to the first 2 rows of passenger seats.

While there were no news details of what happened, the photos show that the vehicles were apparently traveling in the same direction and the bus hit the rear of the truck causing it to jackknife. Because the vehicles were going in the same direction on a limited access highway, it seems that both vehicles must have been moving when the hit occurred.

The massiveness of the vehicles is emphasized with the amount of damage.

We have seen in many instances that bus and truck drivers, while well meaning individuals, are often not sufficiently trained to operate such large vehicles. One of the most frequent causes of accidents is following too closely. We have seen drivers who have no idea of the stopping distances of their vehicles nor the rules for safe following distances. We have all experienced this on the highway where trucks and busses follow at 1, 2, or 3 car lengths at highway speeds when it should be 10 or 20. Trucking companies should go a lot farther in training and retraining drivers to avoid collisions like the one today.

Fore more information on this recent crash, please visit:

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