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A recent study about the adverse events associated with vaccines has been used to reassure parents that vaccines rarely cause serious adverse events. The article states that pediatricians are using the study as "ammunition" in order to convince parents to consent to vaccines for their children.

The main concern was that the MMR vaccine was causally linked to autism. While several thousand children who were administered the MMR vaccine and were later to be diagnosed with autism, the vaccine courts found no causal link between the two. With regards to other vaccines studied by the committee, the most important realization was that in "135 of the vaccine-adverse event pairs examined, the committee determined that there was insufficient evidence to accept or reject causation, in most cases because the adverse event occurred extremely rarely or research on its relation to the vaccine reached conflicting results." This is a direct effect from doctors and their lack of knowledge about the VAERs database or the vaccine program in general. Reporting adverse events to VAERs is crucial to monitoring reactions to vaccines and spurring medical studies to commence to detail a causal link.

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