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A growing number of parents are thinking twice before they vaccinate their children in accordance with the childhood immunization scheduled provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a recent LA Times article. According to Dr. Goldstein, “All of the available research shows that the safest and most effective way to vaccinate children is on the schedule set by the CDC and AAP…To go against that schedule goes against proven scientific research and puts patients who do follow the schedule at risk.”

According to the article, a number of parents are resisting shots for their children. Of the most commonly refused vaccines were the human papilloma, varicella for chickenpox, meningococcal conjugate and MMR. However, the fact that a number of parents are refusing these vaccines is causing problems for many pediatricians, as many are refusing to treat children who refuse these recommended vaccines.

In response to these actions of many pediatricians, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is continuing to encourage pediatricians to provide care to children whose parents are unwilling to follow the vaccination schedule. The AAP’s policy states that “a continuing relationship [with the patients who refuse vaccines] allows additional opportunity to discuss the issue of immunization over time.” While the “experts” say that it is “paramount” to educate parents of the risks of not vaccinating parents, the contrary is equally, if not more important, as many parents must become aware of the potential adverse events that can occur when vaccinated by any of the vaccines recommended by the CDC and AAP.

To access the LA Times article, see the following link:,0,7407793.story

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