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Halloween is a fun time full of ghosts and goblins and candy abound! But safety needs to be the first and most important practice on this fun but often hectic evening. Below are some safety times to ensure a safe holiday for the whole family.

Halloween Safety Tips

  • No one should trick or treat alone – no matter how old and especially younger children. Preschool age children and toddlers not only need supervision but they may also be afraid of the scarier aspects of Halloween such as costumes and decorations.
  • Children should try and carry a flashlight or a brightly colored trick or treat bag so they can be seen in the dark. Costumes should be fire-resistant and bright. If wearing a dark color, add reflective tape to the costume so it can be seen by drivers.
  • Another safety concern on Halloween is tripping and falling. As such, costumes should fit properly and not drag on the floor. If wearing a mask, it needs to fit properly. In fact, young children may be better off not wearing a mask.
  • If using face paint or make up it’s important to make sure the label says “Made with U.S. approved colored additives,” “non-toxic,” or “meets federal standards for cosmetics.” Always test make-up in a small area before applying. Decorative contact lenses can cause serious eye injury, if possible avoid using them.
  • Before the big night have a talk with your children about staying out of strangers cars and going into houses with people that they don’t know. Tell children not to accept – and especially not to eat – anything that isn’t commercially wrapped.
  • Knowing where your teenager is and who they are with is very important. For some parents it may be about trusting them, for others it’s about safety and in some cases a mix of both. Make sure they take a cell phone with them or have money to make a phone call if necessary.
  • Burns from open flames, such as candles, are the most serious Halloween-related injuries according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Jack-o-lanterns and candles should be kept away from landings and walkways and especially curtains which may be flammable.
  • Keep pets in a quiet safe place away from the front door. Not only is it safe for your pet who may be anxious, it’s also good for the many small visitors coming to the door.
  • Many pet lovers enjoy the idea of dressing up their pet on Halloween, but if h/she isn’t receptive to the idea, it’s probably best to forget the costume.
  • No amount of candy should be consumed until it inspected at home for any tampered packages or punctured wrappers.

Read more Halloween safety tips on the CPSC Web site. Have a happy, safe Halloween!

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